sushi + mochi

For today’s fast moving gourmand, quick food and quality food are rarely rolled into one dining experience. Akira is a Sushi and Mochi Japanese eatery born out of this realization. The Japanese word Akira means “light and bright.” Located in fast-paced downtown Los Angeles, Akira serves vibrant, fresh Japanese meals for everyone, including the on-the-go customer who still wants unique and quality food amidst their busy lives. Los Angeles has one of the most dynamic dining scenes in the country, offering everything from street food to five star restaurants. The city has the right audience for this restaurant—young and busy adults who value not just good food, but an experience worth coming back to. Akira hopes to create a memorable food and dining experience, where every customer leaves with a smile on their face. The owners are driven by the idea that everyone should try something new and interesting, and have a global appreciation for cuisine. Life is too short not to explore and try something from other cultures, and Akira hopes to create a friendly environment in which people can be introduced to enchanting Japanese sushi rolls and sweet treats. 


Akira’s business and design strategy is to combine the edgy, modern elements of a big city with the bright, unique qualities that define a Japanese aesthetic. These two styles are very different, and Akira wants to mesh them together to create a single location for people to enjoy another culture with a fresh, modern  twist. This combination will set Akira apart from other hip eateries and other Japanese restaurants, and create a dining experience that will be charming, memorable, and one-of-a-kind. The Japanese word Akira means “light and bright”. I will use those words, combined with “unique” and “modern”, to guide my overall design approach for the restaurant. The tone will be vibrant and uplifting, while keeping up with a modern world and it’s competition.

Akira was created with a young, hip adult audience in mind. This demographic, especially in a city like Los Angeles, enjoys and appreciates all things new and exciting. They crave an experience, value the atypical, and love good food and clean eating. This younger generation has grown up in a new era of environmental and health consciousness, and unlike many of their parents and grandparents, they care about knowing what goes into their bodies.  Japanese food is often forthright in its simple, lean ingredients and sushi is usually free of wheat, gluten, dairy, and more. Akira’s target audience appreciate the simplicity of their natural ingredients, and who doesn’t enjoy trying an unconventional ice-cream treat from another country? It will also be an atmosphere that is inviting for families looking to dine in. Akira hopes to capture the attention of anyone looking for the extraordinary.