For the Involvement Ambassadors' new branding, I focussed on their three pillars: engage, connect, and lead. I wanted a strong logo that could hint at those three key values, while also having a warm and inviting feel as they reach out to help new Auburn students to get more involved on campus. 



Involvement Ambassadors are a student-led organization committed to engaging students in involvement opportunities. The purpose of the organization is to connect students to avenues of shared experiences in involvement and provide resources to existing and potential student organizations. The Involvement Ambassadors wanted a new and more engaging logo to help them in their mission to encourage more involvement across Auburn's campus. 

As a follow up for the main branding, I also created some  icons and logos for smaller groups that fall under the IA umbrella. These include a Live Chat icon, logos for O-Day and O-Week, a logo for Involvement Tutorials, and a logo for Consultations.